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Evil Needle & Sivey Announce Single from Collaborative Project, 'Constructive Interference'

Khaena Araneta

Disparate producers with complimentary sounds, Evil Needle and Sivey met in an online beat community 6 years ago and to this day have never met in real life. On June 24, 2014 they present their first official EP, Constructive Interference, to the world. Constructive Interference was created over the span of 3 years and embodies the unique soundscapes of each producer. 

Today, we are excited to share wtih you, the single "Constructive Interference" - a dreamy, bass-heavy, broken beat jam that really nicely sums up the feel of the collaborative sounds between Evil Needle & Sivey. 

Preorder Constructive Interference via iTunes here

Evil Needle, based in Strasbourg France [just on the border of Germany] pulls inspiration from traditional hip hop, neo-soul and trap music while seamlessly weaving in open synths and chunky chord progressions. Manchester, UK-based Sivey incorporates soulful beat-oriented music with what he calls "emotional highs and lows that are still musically stimulating" adding a beautifully uptempo sensibility.

The two come together to create a big sound vibration that is reminiscent of the round sound of vinyl – this time in a digital version.

The Constructive Interference EP drops June 24, 2014 digitally and on vinyl shortly after.