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J-Louis - When I Make It

Joe Kay

Discover: @thisjaylouis

In celebration of us hitting 30K likes on our Facebook page earlier today here is our 55th FREEBIE for you from one of our youngest and most talented artists J-Louis! You want to really know what's amazing though is that this dude made this on his iPhone! He makes all his music on his iPhone! The other day we had JMSN over our HQ and he was trippen out so much on how someone was able to make such a dope beat on something like an iPhone. If you don't have J-Louis' debut EP (BALANCED) that dropped with us earlier this year make sure you grab it for free here:

Lets keep celebrating life and put out that real music. So much more to come from J-Louis! If you're curious about what iPhone app J-Louis uses to make his music it's called:

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Artwork by Andre Power