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Sam Gellaitry Shares His First Short Story with '"Temple"


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Sam Gellaitry Shares His First Short Story with '"Temple"

Monty Love

Today we officially introduce you to our newest family member, Sam Gellaitry. Setting the stage for his first EP, Short Stories (2/17/15), Sam shares single, "Temple", foreshadowing what's to come on his long-awaited 5-track EP. With initial sounds of the phone ringing off the hook and a dreamy synth progression on "Temple", Sam ropes you in and then immediately hits the listener with an automatic headbanger all whilst maintaining a dreamy and steadily uptempo vibe.

This young man of 18 years is from Stirling, [central] Scotland - where the "culture" part of the wiki section reads one line. Culture in the form of music however, is plentiful and diverse in Sam's case – drawing on influences from Madlib and Jamiroquai to Flying Lotus, Röyksopp, Hudson Mohawke, Mr. Carmack and Outkast. By the time Sam was 16, he'd learned to engineer and master audio which might shed some light on his unique song structure and diverse journey through many genres apparent in the course of one single track. Sam marries his love and knowledge of bass guitar, synthesizer and piano with honed production skills to create seamless heavy hitting electronic music that retains raw instrumental elements and evokes a certain happiness and soulful connectedness. With a father who has a background in making bagpipes among other talents and Mum - a former in a band member playing guitar and singing it's really no surprise that Sam's magical ears give him the ability to translate 5+ genres seamlessly into one beautiful song or 'Short Story'.

Short Stories defies traditional notions of what it is to create 'electronic music' traveling through uptempo house, UK-garage, heavy bass, hip hop and soul - in 5 succinct stories.

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