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Soulection is a global platform moving culture. With music as the foundation, Soulection exists to inspire a shift in passive consumption placing value on community, discovery, transparency, DIY growth and the artistry of music. We're The Sound of Tomorrow. 


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Soulection Expands Global Network, Adds Selectors in Japan, UK and California.

Khaena Araneta


Three years strong and we're excited to announce that our Soulection family is growing! 

We've added some lovely new selectors from around the world - Yukibeb in Tokyo, Faith in London and Eden in San Diego to join the already stellar Soulection DJ lineup of Andre PowerAndresJoe KayJulio "The Whooligan" GalvezKronika and Sasha Marie.

Dig into the entire roster here:

A little about the latest ladies of Soulection:


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The 21 year old Tokyo native, Yukibeb, has only been making and posting her mixes on Soundcloud since 2011, but has quickly amassed global attention for the eclectic vibes and moods she conveys through her selections. Both intimate and sensual, the sounds she fuses represent her hip hop, future beats, and r&b sensibilities. The diaphanous soundscapes she creates for her hungry listeners reflect the intricate sounds that compliment the complex and fluorescent backdrop of the Tokyo underground.

While she holds the attention of many, Yukibeb genuinely wishes to bring visibility to lesser known artists and give them a larger platform for recognition. Headstrong and opinionated, she doesn't really care for hype, follows her strong intuition and instincts to curate her unique sound. Citing major influences like J Dilla, Aaliyah, Tokimonsta and fellow labelmates Ms. Beb is poised to pursue her passion as a DJ first in her hometown of Tokyo and next worldwide.


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This London-based music selector began just a little over a year ago experimenting with mixing and blending the songs she came across on the internets. The now 20 year-old quickly began gaining attention, and receiving requests for more mixes to be uploaded following her first release, entitled blwn xx | rclv, which featured tracks from such talented producers as Lakim, Ta-ku, J-Louis, and a handful of various other carefully curated musicians. 

What began as a way to share her current tastes and discoveries with fellow musically inclined folks lead to Faith becoming internationally renowned for her craft. In only one year (since 2013), Ms. Faith has seen her uploads quadruple in plays averaging around 50,000 plays per.

Continuing to create her sets with the same motive that drove her to begin learning how to DJ, Faith's aim is to share her personal taste and passion for music with fellow musically open-minded people worldwide with each set nodding towards her own personality – eclectic and fun. Influenced by such iconic figures as J Dilla, Pharrell, Kaytranada, Solange and Soulection, the future is as bright as the ambiance her set is sure to create for all that press play. Hungry to continue pursuing a career as a DJ, she is most certainly one to keep your eyes (and ears) on. 

You can find Faith playing popular London-based events such as License 2 Trill and Fiesta.


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Eritrean by way of San Diego beat lover Eden Hagos brings visibility to those future sounds that you can’t quite put your genre finger on. Deep rooted in underground hip hop, sample-based, percussion-heavy tunes and future bass, Eden’s ear for unique sounds has kept her digging since her uncle gave her her first Fugees album at age 16.

Since 2011, Eden has dropped 3 mixtapes - the third installation, Currently, caught the attention of Okayfuture deeming the young beatstress "a prophet of future sounds". The beat scene and local producers started listening and partnerships with artists, labels, and connectors in the community became plentiful.

Miss Hagos’ influences heavily come from those nearby – those who’ve given the San Diego and Los Angeles beat scenes a name – artists like AbJoMike GaoeLanGonjasufiGaslamp Killer and the Soulection movement.

Eden is poised to bring light to the beat makers in this movement while uncovering and educating folks along the way of all of the genres that exist within these future sounds.