The Sound of Tomorrow.

los angeles, ca

Soulection is a global platform moving culture. With music as the foundation, Soulection exists to inspire a shift in passive consumption placing value on community, discovery, transparency, DIY growth and the artistry of music. We're The Sound of Tomorrow. 


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Soulection Freebies #44 + #45 + #46 + #47

Joe Kay

Lately we've been on a crazy grind giving you plenty of great tracks that can be played out for an indefinite amount of time. The whole point of our FREEBIES series is to showcase new talents as well as our veterans who have been involved with Soulection since the beginning.  This series is definitely an avenue where we experiment with different original sounds and remixes. With that said, we've uploaded four tracks in the past two weeks! Recently (hours ago) we uploaded a new heater from Insightful and have successfully showcased three others from new Soulection signee StarRo, affiliates Tajan, Fwdslxsh, and our heavy hitter Evil Needle! Do not sleep on these tracks and the rest of our FREEBIES. We plan to keep the progression going so keep your eyes and ears open.