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Soulection Radio Show #140 w/ Esta & Andres


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Soulection Radio Show #140 w/ Esta & Andres

Joe Kay

Coming off a very exciting weekend with the whole Soulection crew. We just played about 4 events in a course of 5 days. We are a bit drained from all the constant shows, but the music is keeping us moving strong. Shouts to Mr. Carmack and The Crosby as well as Delicious Vinyl. We just want to thank Delicious Vinyl for embracing us and giving us a platform. Shouts to Kaytranada and the whole HW&W crew as well. We went to support Kaytranada at his LA show recently and left really inspired by his set.

Joe Kay started the show with a new unreleased gem from Kaytra and play all the classics/unreleased material as usual. Esta finally stopped by to drop an official set and talk about what's next for him. He really impressed us with his house vibes. This man is diverse. Andres also came through and graced us with a heavy hitter set. Spread this if you feel it.