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Soulection Radio Show #144 w/ starRo

Joe Kay

There have been so many guests on Soulection Radio over the past years but no one, we repeat, no one has came in the studio so humble, so low key and just murk the airwaves like starRo did. It's crazy to think that this man has been making music for over 15 years and is barely coming to surface to the world with so much heat. We are just glad he is on our team. He played nothing but original production/edits. Hailing all the way from Tokyo, Japan, starRo is an artist who you will be familiar with starting from this point on. Joe Kay of course opened the show for the first hour & 50 minutes on one turntable (one of the turntable's went out before the show started) playing a bunch of heat that he was holding onto since last week. He made sure to make up for his absence last saturday and play some exclusive Carmack, Atu, Kaytra + some heavy footwork vibes.

The music just keeps getting more powerful every week. Lets keep progressing shall we? Catch the track list here