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Soulection Radio Show #151 w/ Mr. Choc (Beat Junkies)

Khaena Araneta


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One of our favorite DJ's who's talent and accomplishments are not to be overlooked. Representing the world famous Beat Junkies crew and Skam Artists, the crew was blessed to have this man come by Kbeach and hit us with a set and great interview session. The thing we admire the most about Choc is that he has his ears close to the new generation of music and understands the culture. He threw down a really diverse set and kept us on our toes. Joe Kay was on his soulful chop vibe and has really been digging back into the classic neo-soul/boombap sound. Make sure you really pay attention to the interview at the end. Some great insight on commercial radio on the west coast as well as opportunities for upcoming DJ's. Catch you next week at the same time. Spread this session to as many people as possible <3.