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Soulection Radio Show #152 w/ LIKE (Pac Div)

Khaena Araneta


Discover: @callmelike | | @joekay

Talk about an educational session. Due to all the adversity we went through with this show we had LIKE play music past the last hour and extend all the way for a total of 3 hours & 39 minutes. From the very first minute to the very end we were providing music that you never heard of or forgot about, configuring wires, figuring out audio issues, chopping it up about food, you name it. So much effort went into producing this show. We want to thank our brother LIKE for rolling through and blessing us with a proper DJ set, freestyle over Esta's beat, and talking to us about his experiences growing up and being in Pac Div. This man has traveled the world, played alongside the best in the game, and has also produced for/with the best (Kendrick, The Neptunes, ect). Joe Kay made sure to touch on topics that are very insightful. LIKE will be releasing with us on Soulection so stay tuned! We'll be back next week with Dream Koala and another heavy session for you.

Spread this to as many people as possible. The music and messages need to be heard.