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Soulection is a global platform moving culture. With music as the foundation, Soulection exists to inspire a shift in passive consumption placing value on community, discovery, transparency, DIY growth and the artistry of music. We're The Sound of Tomorrow. 


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Soulection Radio Show #156 w/ J-Louis

Khaena Araneta


Discover: @thisjaylouis | @joekay

It felt good to return this week after being out last week. We returned with a lot of inspiration, a great music selection, and a lot on our minds. This week's edition of Soulection Radio features our very own J-Louis! As some of you may or may not know, J-Louis produces all his music on the iPhone (Nano Studio App). He even put out a free EP with us in the beginning of the year entitled "Balanced" ( which was also produced entirely on the iPhone. This 20 year-old from Azusa, CA is really a special guy who we feel is going to be BIG in the near future as long as he stays on track with his progression.

J-Louis played an exclusive set for a little over 30 minutes with all his recent unreleased productions and then chopped it up with us about his musical background (Drummer since he was 8 years-old & played in a Hardcore band & toured when he was 12) and how he purchased a stolen Macbook Pro (without knowing) to start producing on a computer that was eventually stolen -- forcing him to produce on his iPhone again. What a journey! Joe Kay also made sure to talk about his experience at the Yeezus tour this past Friday and later went into a heavy discussion about rumors of Soulection being part of Free-masonry/Illuminati. Very interesting and informative conversations going on as always.

There won't be a show next Saturday due to the LB State Men's basketball game being streamed on Kbeach during our time slot but we'll still have a selection of music lined up for you to keep you settled. We'll return the following Saturday (12/28) with a special radio session with Kronika, Sasha Marie, and Eden (Ladies Edition). Enjoy.