The Sound of Tomorrow.

los angeles, ca

Soulection is a global platform moving culture. With music as the foundation, Soulection exists to inspire a shift in passive consumption placing value on community, discovery, transparency, DIY growth and the artistry of music. We're The Sound of Tomorrow. 

Ten Hours of Mixes Curated by Soulection DJ's


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Ten Hours of Mixes Curated by Soulection DJ's

Monty Love

The family is multifaceted – producers, DJ's, photographers, graphic designers, communication artists, tech specialists and the list goes on. We've always celebrated diversity in the crew and will continue to shine light on all forms of creative expression. This week we focus on the art of DJing.

We've tapped our in-house DJ's and extended Soulection family to hand pick music and mix together seamlessly for a 'Soulection & Chill' bundle.

The bundle includes 8 diverse mixes and a muted pink and white embroidered hat from Soulection Supply.

Click on the image above to download the entire bundle or selected mix and to learn about the DJ's behind the music.