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SoSuperSam Joins The Fam

Monty Love

Taylor Okata

Taylor Okata

It's been a long time coming and today we are so super excited to announce the latest addition to our family, SoSuperSam a.k.a Samantha Duenas. 

Aside from being a sweetheart, a goofball of epic proportion and a style icon (according to Vanity Fair and Hypebeast), Sam is an extremely dope DJ, singer and [professional] dancer. With hip hop roots, Sam effortlessly parlays her classic vinyl dj skills into her live sets and mixtapes weaving in electronic grooves, dance classics, rnb and party jamz.


JA Tecson

JA Tecson

Miss Duenas is a go-to entertainer for several lifestyle and fashion-based brands nationally and resides in our hometown, LA. You'll see this little lady playing more and more Soulection events globally but you can always catch her weekly at SOHO house in Hollywood as well as party down with her at the monthly she co-founded with her awesome team, 143 (means "I love you" in page code, duh).

Check out Heart Rate, the latest uptempo mix Sam put together in celebration of the news.