Outputs 3

March 26, 2012
Next up, we have an artist who has been on our radar years before Soulection was Soulection. All the way from Groningen --- Koen comes with his 3rd edition of Outputs.

"Outputs was originally a series of beats that I had laying around and were unreleased. For this project I decided to take a different route and make all the tracks from scratch, with a different approach. Inspired by my good friends Duke Hugh and Nangdo, I chose a more up-tempo sound, with a lot of 808 drums. The up-tempo tracks made me create with different principals, not bound by 'hip-hop-sounding-music'. The different rhythms I heard in the last couple of months made me think out of the box and create these new beats."

After working with Ro Spit, Blocnotes, T. Calmese and releasing Outputs volumes 1 and 2, Koen is now releasing Outputs 3 through Soulection.

Koen resides in Groningen, Holland and is a musician next to being a high school teacher. Koen specializes in soulful music, whether is hiphop, 808, juke or R&B.
Next to his own music, Koen works on several projects together with Duke Hugh and Nangdo, who are also from Groningen.

Outputs 3 is a bass-inspired project which will feature 10 unreleased beats that are all specially created for this project. Koen decided to step out of his comfort-zone and create some different music then he was used to.

+ TWO BONUS TRACKS (With Purchase)

09 - 984 (Sango remix)
10 - 984 (Nangdo remix)