The Sound of Tomorrow.

los angeles, ca

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S004: Spacekid - The Sound of Tomorrow

Kicking off our 4th release all the way from the Russian Federation (Saint-Petersburg), the inspiring and young BMB aka Space Kid has created another timeless release simply entitled The Sound of Tomorrow. Mastering the AKAI MPC, BMB has created more than 20 albums for Russian, African, European and American Hip-Hop soul artists let alone a countless amount of solo projects throughout the years. This man has been on our radar since day one & we are proud to say that he is apart of our roster. 

The Sound of Tomorrow is real-deep-honest-music. It's all instrumental; 19 Future-Sounding-Soulful-Beats. BMB has a signature sound that you can't really deny. Expect future synths, basslines, and heavy-non-quantized-drum patterns that will definitely grab your attention. 

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released 27 September 2011 


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