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S005: Evil Needle - Mood

Alternate Minimal Artwork by Andre Power


As promised, Soulection is back with our 5th release for the month of October. We weren't kidding when we stated last month that we would really be dropping a release on you for the next 6+ months straight. Continuing on with our monthly-series of releases, Evil Needle -– all the way from France really impressed us with this album. It’s simply entitled, Mood and you’ll hear why in just a bit. 

Evil Needle has been producing for 5 years now & has a very distinct sound that represents various soundscapes of what we call Future-Soul. Mood has this smooth & deep vibe that triggers the mind into deep-thought mode. He has a consistent style and impeccable selection of sound placement... Whether it’s his precise drums, smooth bass-lines, intricate keys or crispy snares, he always manages to place and layer every sound with perfection. Mood is 14 tracks deep and it is full of cinematic and soulful vibrations that will get your energy up. Enjoy this one! 

06. Rendez-Vous (Co-Produced by Sivey) 
Sivey : 

13. Climax (Co-Produced by Broad Rush) 
Broad Rush : 

Artwork by Jason Alfred-Palmer 

Evil Needle's Contact Info:


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