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S012: Sunclef - Attoseconds

Alternate Minimal Artwork by Andre Power


Despite us dropping two releases last month, we don't intend to slow down. May 22nd, we took your ears all the way to Switzerland with Jazzo and Melodiesinfonie. Then, 10 days later, we shifted things over to Toronto, Canada and will stay here for a week or so before Sango takes us on a beat journey to Brazil towards later June. Sunclef is an artist that we have been wanting to work with since we heard his debut EP 'The Tesser∆ct' back in 2010. 

His sound direction is a style that stands out and survives the indefinite amount of music that is being created worldwide. There are only a small range of artists globally who can still create that traditional tempo of 90-100 BPM and flourish! Well... Sunclef is one of those artists! With his second release, Attoseconds is a 5 track EP that emphasizes on funk, bass, soul, and synth instrumentation. It feels good to hit you with this release since we've been emphasizing on other sounds over the past couple of months. Sunclef brought us back home and will smooth our your mind with every single track. 

"My last EP 'The Tesseract' was more structure oriented regarding the compositions. This EP is more time based. I screwed around with a lot more samples (even though it may not be noticeable that there's samples) and I used more time based effects. This release is more downtempo and spacey than my last, because thats how i've been vibing as of lately. The rest is up to the listener." -Sunclef 


released 01 June 2012 
Artwork by Sunclef 
All track written, performed, mixed, mastered by M. Hedlin 




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