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los angeles, ca

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soulection galaxy meetup

Being partnered with Samsung would allow us to create and organize various photography activations deliver appealing content to a wider audience by creating authentic and compelling narratives entirely with a Samsung device. As a result, the gained audience will be impressed by the high-quality content and I (Monty) want people to question why they’ve never tried/owned a Samsung device before. Being aware of our shared dedication to creativity, innovation and the community, I’m confident our partnership will be successful.

Unique Photo Activations

• What does it look like?
With your assistance, I'd like organize exclusive events, where people can test new samsung devices at a unique experience. I'd like create experiences like getting access to a museum after hours and allowing people to test the latest samsung device to take photos. The photo event would be open to all and Samsung would give guests the ability to trial run the phone while experiencing the museum or some form of creative/private space.   

• Who is a part of it?
I would organize the events by bringing the photography, music and general community together to the private location.

• What they get out of it? 
From the initiative, Samsung, would be responsible for being a part of organizing a creative community experience. Samsung would also receive photo content captured on their devices, a hashtag to follow, content from capturing the event, and create a digital photobook that lives on various platforms to continue to showcase samsung's ability to innovate.

• Goal 
Together we can create memorable moments that people will never forget, while educating people on the possibilities of a samsung device. 

Organized by Montalis Anglade “MontyLov”


All photos shot on Samsung S7 Active