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SWL004: starRo

Soulection White Label 004 with starRo

If you aren't familiar with starRo yet then this may be the moment where his name and music will really resonate with you. We had the pleasure of meeting him back in May 2013 and became ecstatic when we realized that he is based in LA. Originally from Japan, starRo is a multi-instrumentalist with expertise as a guitarist/keyboardist. With all this in mind, 2014 will be a special year for starRo and Soulection.

"This White Label reflects 4 love stories and I hope everyone can feel it in their own way. The sound direction is also a progression of where I am headed in 2014. Thank you for listening." -starRo

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released 27 December 2013
Executive Produced by Joe Kay 
Artwork by Andre Power


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