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SWL021: J.Robb

Soulection White Label: 021 with J.Robb

For his highly anticipated White Label release, J.Robb gives us a collection of tracks that provide the perfect balance between future beats and throwback R&B. This Baltimore-bred artist producer takes his time to explore multi-genre sounds and fuse together his creations with a particular technique that feels unmatched. 

His music style capitalizes on the duality of pretty and gritty, creating another layer of listening to R&B and Hip-Hop that feels both new and natural at the same time. With a classic feel and contemporary blend, this series will undoubtedly be on repeat time and time again. 

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Released November 3rd, 2017
Mixed & Mastered by J.Robb. 
Co-Written by Roshan Cameron on “TakeMee”
Keys by Mac Ayres on “TakeMee”
Flute by Cautious Clay on “TakeMee”
Trumpet by Danny Dwyer on “TakeMee”
Bass by Naji on “TakeMee”
Guitar by ROMderful on “Drumss”
Co-Written by Denzel White  on “GoodLovinn”
Additional vocals by Duzzo Dave on “GoodLovinn”
Executive Produced by Montalis Anglade “MontyLov” 
Artwork: Andre Power


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